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Charley strengthening and taking aim on west coast of Florida.

Little change in my thinking from prior posts. May nudge my track slightly further to the right in evening update…but for now…expect a track 100 mi west of Key West…sparing the keys a DIRECT HIT….not that it will be a picnic there with heavy squalls and winds. ….perhaps GUSTING to hurricane force…especially lower and mid keys.

Still looking for a landfall between Cedar Key and Sarasota late Friday afternoon or early evening… this point my fcst would have to be for a landfall to the north of Tampa…..not a good scenario.

If track and intensity projections hold then there could be a tremendous storm surge (10 feet plus) up Tampa Bay.

This will all depend on EXACT TRACK and INTENSITY AT LANDFALL….but the potential exists for a BIG surge up Tampa Bay.

More on this later in the evening update.

Intensity: No changes to my thinking….100-115 mph hurricane in the Gulf by Friday and taking aim on the FL west coast.

Preparations to protect life and property should be well underway. If ordered to evacuate coastal locations and offshore barrier islands please do so….there is a big surge potential here.

Folks….this is a CLASSIC pattern for a tropical system to make a rapid run up the east coast….text book really. Charley will accelerate n.n.e up the coastal plain east of the mtns. Bringing heavy winds and tropical storm force winds up into New England.

More this evening.