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Hurricane Charley 10:00 P.M. - Friday - 8/13/04

No changes necessary from prior post. Charley on track as indicated in last update at 7:30. Orlando just had a wind gust to 105 mph and gusts to 80-90 mph could make it to the Daytona area around mid-night as the center of Charles passes offshore.

Not really much left to say that I've not already said.

Check out the damage pictures tomorrow when daylight comes to the barrier islands offshore Charlotte Harbor…..they are going to be something.

That's it.

I would like to take a minute to thank the webmaster….Steve Gavey. Were it not for him none of this would be possible. While I know a thing or two about the weather I don't know anything about hosting or updating a website. He takes the time out of his busy day to get the updates posted to the site.

So Steve, thanks.

Steve's comment back to SNONUT, "Mike if it weren't for your incredible skills nobody would come to the site to read what I put on the server".......thanks from me and I am sure many others out there reading these posts.